Products and services

We are physical traders; we buy, transport, store, blend and deliver oil in Argentina as well as regionally to the surrounding countries.

Diverse Fuels primarily trades Gasoil and Gasoline but is also flexible enough to deal in more specialized products and components when needed.

The product we currently deal with is imported Eurodiesel (Grado 3) – we import ULSD directly from refineries abroad then blend it to meet the country’s regulations for Biodiesel without watering down the product so we can maintain the highest quality of product available in the market. We maintain strict control over all of our products from origin to delivery to ensure the highest quality possible.

We also carry Gasoil (diesel Grado 2) in both 500 and 1500ppm to cover the industry needs.

Gasolines – we import and distribute Gasoline: Normal, 95, and 98 that meet or exceed local regulations without downgrading the product, and maintaining the purity and clarity throughout our distribution chain.

We have an array of services to enhance and fortify our local partners which includes financing, inventory controls, monitoring performance and usage, and delivering our own tanks with inventory.